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Realtor Tampa: Top 5 Traits of a Great Agent

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, the agent you choose has the power to either make – or break – your experience. From listing the home, finding the right buyers, dealing with contracts and much, much more, the real estate agent juggles lots of different responsibilities. Choosing the wrong one will cost you money and could add unnecessary emotional stress to the process of selling or buying your home.

Tampa Bay Realty and Investment Group understands what it takes to be a great Realtor in Tampa – where you may have noticed, the real estate market is growing at an increasing rate. The need for good agents is greater now than ever before. As you prepare to embark on the buying or selling process of a home, here is an easy guide to the top 5 traits of a great agent.

Great Communicator

What exactly is it that you want? Different sellers have different needs. If you own multiple properties as investments and it’s time to sell, you’re probably looking for the best deal. On the other hand, maybe you’ve lived in the same place for 20 years, watching your family grow up in a single home. When it comes time to sell, your concerns are going to be different. On the other side of things, as a prospective buyer, you’ll also have a list of wants. Whatever your needs, your agent must be a good communicator as they go back and forth between buyer and seller, making each side’s wants and stipulations clear along the way.


Any good agent will be proactive. This includes calling potential buyers, setting up open houses, staying in touch with previous clients and constantly pursuing new leads. Proactive agents are the ones that make the sale more often and who have good relationships with their clients along the way.

Time Sensitive

The agent should know and understand the clients time frame and motivation for selling. It’s one of the most common questions a potential buyer will ask — “Why are they selling?” Your agent better be able to answer, no matter the time frame. In any case, it is important that an agent operate at different paces for different clients.

Client Minded

Does the agent put the client’s needs first? They should. A good deal for the client is a good deal for the agent. It’s that simple. Agents that put their clients needs first keep relationships after the sale and develop a reputation for being trustworthy. When your agent isn’t working with your best interest in mind, that’s when things go bad.

Willing to Give References

When you interview for a job, your prospective employer will ask for references. That’s a pretty standard practice. When you interview or meet with prospective agents, they should be willing to share their previous clients as references. If they are unwilling to give references, move on. Sure, some clients won’t want to be bothered, but if they’re happy with the sale, then most will be willing to vouch for their agent. Be sure to ask for references, and if you don’t get any, don’t sweat the loss.

Realtor Tampa

Buying or selling your home in Tampa? Whatever your needs, Tampa Bay Realty and Investment Group can help. With thousands of Tampa homes on the market, our team of Tampa realtors are great listeners and communicators, making it easy for you to narrow the list and find the right home or buyer.

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