Considering Real Estate Careers

If you are highly motivated, enjoy working with people, and like to be out and about, a real estate agent career might be just the thing for you.  Real estate careers are largely independent–once you complete the training required by your state, you can grow your business as much as you like, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort.  Careers in real estate can be personally fulfilling and highly lucrative.

If you are considering a career in real estate, the first step is to search for a “real estate school near me,” because states require real estate agents to be trained and licensed.  There are a variety of real estate schools that meet in person, or you can attend an online real estate school.  Either way, choose a Florida real estate school that provides the required pre-licensing courses for real estate.

Completing real estate school is just the first step in how to get a real estate license.  Afterwards, you must take your state’s real estate licensing exam.  In order to obtain a Florida real estate license, you must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly.  When you pass, you can then apply for a real estate license with your state’s real estate board.  Many states also require a criminal background check.

Once you have your real estate agent license, you can pursue a career in real estate in earnest.  You will need to practice real estate under the sponsorship of a real estate broker, as real estate agents are actually licensed to act on behalf of a broker.  Real estate careers can flourish at the right real estate brokerage, so choose one that fits your goals and personality.

Another option in real estate careers is to become an associate broker.  A broker is the next step in a real estate agent career.  Brokers take additional classes beyond the real estate license and can operate independently.  An associate broker works under a broker and takes care of the operational, legal, and administrative aspects of the real estate transactions.  If that sounds appealing, a real estate agent career might be right for you.

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